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Bilingual sign introduces viewers to Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge’s unique wildlife. Client: Alchemy of Design/USFWS
Bilingual sign showcasing some of the birds found at Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge in Texas. Client: Alchemy of Design/USFWS
Describing the benefits and ease of producing compost to local gardeners. Client: Clark County, Washington
Describing the restoration efforts and benefits of the new culvert at Beaver Creek. Client: Sandy River Basin Watershed Council and partners
History panel for Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Client: Alchemy of Design/USFWS
Welcome and site map for Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge educational center. Client: Alchemy of Design/USFWS
Tri-lingual sign showcasing the birds to be found in this neighborhood park. Client: Friends of Nadaka Park, Portland.
Entry sign for Graham Oaks Nature Park, Tualatin, Oregon. Client: Metro
Future vision of Graham Oaks when planting reaches maturity. Client: Metro
Celebrating student efforts at Crest, the environment school adjacent to Graham Oaks. Client: Metro
Celebrating native foods and artwork. Clients: Metro and Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
Highlighting some of the flora and fauna that live in oak habitats. Client: Metro
Describes the many water projects for the streams and seasonal wetland at Graham Oaks. Client: Metro
Interactive flip book at Graham Oaks describing the park’s wildlife and plants. Client: Metro
Flip book pages (2 of  8). Client: Metro
Sign traces the life cycle of urban Peregrine Falcons. Located at OMSI. Client: Audubon Society of Portland
3 x 4' interpretive sign about habitat restoration including mapping. Client: Sandy River Basin Watershed Council and partners
Sign commemorates the history of the Bush family and their farm which became Bush Pasture Park in Salem. Client: Alchemy of Design/Friends of Bush Gardens
Entry sign for Bush Pasture Park. Contains detailed site map plus park highlights. Client: Alchemy of Design/Friends of Bush Gardens
Inviting viewers to discover what wonders lie in a healthy watershed. Client: Salmon-Morgan Nature Area/Clark County, WA
Sign at Scouters Mountain Nature Park combines site map, regulatory information as well as interpretive elements. Client: Metro
History of Oregon women lawyers, panel 1, showcases local leaders and includes a timeline of both national and state benchmarks along the bottom. Each panel is 8 x 2.5' Permanent exhibit for the Oregon State Bar.
History of Oregon women lawyers, panel 3. Client: Oregon State Bar
Celebrating outstanding parishioners in the interior exhibit for the 150th anniversary of the First Unitarian Church in Portland. Client: Alchemy of Design/First Unitarian Church
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The entrance at Graham Oaks Nature Park in Tualatin, Oregon showcases three interpretive signs representing past, present and future visions for the park land. The 140 sign package includes interpretive, wayfinding, maps and regulatory signs. Client: Metro

“The interpretive signs at the site [Graham Oaks] are state-of-the-art and the best we’ve ever done.”
– Jim Desmond, Director
 Sustainability Center, Metro