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This book presents a broad cultural tapestry of Oregon’s Hispanic population through historical and vivid, contemporary photos and personal essays. The National Endowment for the Humanities gave it their Humanities Excellence in Book Design award. 

Client: Oregon Council for the Humanities
Serving Justice
A History of the Oregon State Bar
Serving Justice is the official history of the Oregon State Bar from its inception to the turn of the twenty-first century. Illustrated with hundreds of historical photographs and drawings. 

Client: Oregon State Bar
Start Smart
A construction salvage and recycling guide
A user-friendly, technical book covering the basics - who, how, why and where - of local LEED and salvaging efforts. Contains case studies, charts and forms along with photo examples.

Client: Metro
The First Oregonians
My first book design - and still one of my favorites. In addition to design, work included art direction of original illustrations and photo research. The book had three printings. Noted historian Alvin Josephy said “I know of no finer treatment of a state’s first people.” “Well-designed, well bound and well thought-out, The First Oregonians invaluable book for any person who wants to understand Oregon’s past. It is also a vital book for those who wish to understand Oregon’s present.” – The Oregonian

Client: Oregon Council for the Humanities